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Discover Nordic Walking
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 New way to take care of your daily fitness activities: 

Nordic Style Fitness Walking – Full body walking workout utilizing pair of purpose designed poles for forward propulsion.  Poles are fully integrated enhancing effectiveness to anyone’s walk on any terrain. Commonly known as Nordic Walking.       

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Nordic Walking is fun, out-doors, fitness activity for everyone.  Burn up to 40% more calories than conventional walking  .  .  . It's easy to learn, inexpensive and efficient cardiovascular exercise. It burns calories and fat, increases oxygen intake, relaxes shoulders and neck.  Get more details:
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Spice up your walk ! and Stick to your HEALTH with

High quality NORDIC COMPOSITE walking poles are made in Finland where modern style Nordic Walking technique was developed in the late 90's. NORDIC COMPOSITES are particularly light weight yet durable fiberglass composite poles. There is a variety of product designs and two models: STREAM and BASIC are available for next day shipping in the United States of America.
Walk anywhere, anytime, and take care of your fitness  !

NEW, fabulous, medically proven, FUN, full body fitness walking exercise -NORDIC WALKING or Cross Country Walking with Poles is an easy to learn, efficient and inexpensive form of exercise for people of all ages, size and conditions. This innovative fitness walking technique has evolved from cross-country skiing. 7 million people are already enjoying the benefits of this new exercise method in over 20 different countries. The "nordic style" fitness is equally suitable for professional athletes, basic training or someone on a weight loss program. Even those rehabilitating from joint and knee injuries can use Nordic Walking poles. Burn up calories while having FUN ! 

Compared to walking without poles:



  • Burns 25% to 45% more calories.
  • Oxygen intake will be higher.
  • 90% of muscles are involved.
  • Full-body exercise is achieved.
  • Better cardiovascular work out.
  • Heart rate will be higher.
  • Is 35%-45% more effective overall.
  • Low impact.
  • N More . . .

Enjoy the following benefits:



  • Relaxes your neck and shoulders.
  • Straightens your back and hip joints.
  • Minimizes impact on knees.
  • Improves balance.
  • Very safe exercise.
  • Makes walking faster pace and more effective.
  • Variety of stretching options.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Fun.
  • Convenient and easy to learn 


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